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Coos Bay Speedway

Coos Bay Toyota Hornets Suspencion turns to Probation

After Saturday's June 8 incidents of carnage and ruff driving, speedway officials have determined that the entire Coos Bay Toyota Hornet Division will be suspended for one race. After the suspension, ANY contact will warrant a black flag and possible further suspension. Coos Bay Speedway is a place to race and have fun, but using a 2400lbs car as a battering ram and running like bumper cars is unacceptable. The suspension date is June 22 all Hornets are welcome to return on July 13.

UPDATE 6-16-24

Hornet Suspension turns to Probation:

After long talks with many drivers in the Hornet division, track officials have made the decision to withdraw the one-race suspension and place the entire class on probation welcoming those who want to race the weekend of June 22 to do so.

Not every driver is the problem, we are willing to move forward and give everyone another chance. While on probation for the remainder of 2024, any black flag will constitute a minimum of 1 race suspension and the possibility of a $500 fine to be able to race again. There are also a few other conditions that will be discussed in a class meeting after the pit meeting on Saturday.

We hope to see those who want to continue racing at Coos Bay Speedway this Saturday Night and we are hopeful that the suspension/probation will turn the Coos Bay Hornet Division in the right direction.

Submitted By: Drake Nelson

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