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Haunted Woods Is Back This October!


Coos Bay Speedway

Haunted Woods Is Back This October!

Can you make it through the Woods of Terror if so then head on out to the Coos Bay Speedway for a fun and freaky time, not for the faint of heart. Witness all kinds of scares from great props to live actors as you work your way through the wooded trail of terror.

While you wait enjoy an ice-cold 7 Devils Brew, a hot chocolate or Pepsi with a hand-dipped corndog or bacon cheeseburger from the speedway bar & grill.

Due to the fact that we cannot control how you will act/react when you get scared, everyone ENTERS AT THEIR OWN RISK. Here are the other rules we enforce at the Haunted Woods:

Do Not Run!

  1. NO touching of the patrons or actors must keep your distance.
  2. Move ahead through the Forest at a steady pace and stay on the trail.
  3. NO swearing or foul language.
  4. NO lewd behavior.
  5. NO smoking, alcohol, or illegal substances on the trials.
  6. NO destruction of any props or property.
  7. NO Cell Phones Or Flashlights
  8. Everyone is welcome at the Haunted Woods, but pregnant women and those with known health conditions are advised to enter at their own discretion. Remember, EVERYONE enters the Haunted Woods at their own risk.

Not recommended for younger kids parental discretion is advised although there is no age limit and most kids do fine with an adult.

General Admission: $12 (Save $2 with a coupon at O'Reilly Auto Parts or Asylum Mini Golf in the Pony Village Mall)

Times: 6:30-10:00 pm

October 14 & 15
October 21 & 22
October 28, 29, & 31

Submitted By: Drake Nelson

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