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Street Stock Battle At The Beach - "Lucky Rides for the Kids"


Coos Bay Speedway

Street Stock Battle At The Beach - "Lucky Rides for the Kids"

Saturday, August 28
Grandstands Open 4 pm
Racing Starts at 6:30 pm

General Admission
Adults $12
Seniors & Kids (7-17) $10
Children 6 & Under FREE
Family Pass (2 Adults & 3 Kids) $35

Event Classes
America's Mattress Super Late Models, Sportsman Late Models, Street Stocks, Mini Outlaws, Hornets, JR Stingers

1st $2000 Raised by Shingle House Auto Wrecking and Pro Towing ($1000), Brody Montgomery ($200) and Michelle LeBlanc ($50)
2nd $600 Raised by Frank Brewer and Westend Performance ($200) and Mike and Julie Taylor ($400)
3rd $450 Raised by Raymond Bloom ($33) Tad Hiatt ($332) Mike and Julie Taylor
4th $350 Raised by Tad Hiatt, Mike and Julie Taylor
5th $250 Raised by Tad Hiatt, Mike and Julie Taylor
6th $150 Raised by Mike and Julie Taylor
7th $150 Raised by Vahn Stone ($210) Mike and Julie Taylor
8th $150 Raised by Vahn Stone, Mike and Julie Taylor
9th $100 Raised by Vahn Stone
10th $100 Raised by Vahn Stone
11th $100 Raised by Vahn Stone
12th $100 Raised by Billie Reigard ($50)
13th $100 Raised by Traci Emry with Dirt Track Princess Productions ($50)
14th $100 Raised by Western Pacific Building Company ($50)
15th $100 Raised by Toby Mcintyre ($50)
16th $100 Raised by Krossman Construction ($50)
17th $100 Raised by Krossman Construction
18th $100 Raised by Braden Fugate ($150)
19th $100 Raised by Braden Fugate
20th $100 Raised by Braden Fugate
6 random draws for an extra hundred dollars, one more draw for at least $150 and one for a set of Pit Sky Lights!
$100 to Fast Time in qualifying by RRC Racing
$25 to each heat winner thanks to Vicki and Ken Robison, Dave Siewell and Kris Parker

Submitted By: Drake Nelson

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