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Coos Bay Speedway


Brent Hoover

Coos Bay Race

Happy to see the temperatures were a lot cooler in Coos Bay. There were 26 cars. Brent drew a 31 pill. He was in the 1st Heat again. Started 4th and finished 6th. Had to go to the B Main. After the Heat race, we realized there was no nitrogen in one of the shocks. Not sure why because they are brand new shocks. Ray got that fixed and we were ready for the B Main. Brent started 6th and finished 4th for the transfer into the A Main. Brent started the A main in 20th place. He worked his way up to 13th, Jay Cole passed Brent at the end. Brent finished 14th. It was a good night of racing.

Submitted By: Ray Hoover

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