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Coos Bay Speedway10/2/2021America's Mattress Super Late Models
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Coos Bay Speedway10/2/2021Sportsman Late Models
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Coos Bay Speedway10/2/2021Street Stocks
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Coos Bay Speedway10/2/2021Mini Outlaws
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Coos Bay Speedway10/2/2021Hornets
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Coos Bay Speedway9/25/2021Sportsman Late Models
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Coos Bay Speedway9/25/2021Street Stocks
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Coos Bay Speedway9/25/2021Mini Outlaws
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Coos Bay Speedway9/25/2021Hornets
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Coos Bay Speedway9/25/2021JR Stingers
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Coos Bay Speedway9/11/2021America's Mattress Super Late Models
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Coos Bay Speedway9/11/2021Sportsman Late Models
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Coos Bay Speedway9/11/2021Street Stocks
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Coos Bay Speedway9/11/2021Mini Outlaws
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Coos Bay Speedway9/11/2021Hornets
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America's Mattress Super Late Modelsas of 10/2/2021
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Sportsman Late Modelsas of 10/2/2021
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Street Stocksas of 10/2/2021
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Mini Outlawsas of 10/2/2021
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Hornetsas of 10/2/2021
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2022 Reserved Seating Sales Are Now Open
2022 Season Pass Now Available for Stocking Stuffe...
Coos Bay Poised For Big 5th Season Under NASCAR Ba...
2022 Reserved Seating Sales Are Now Open

2022 Reserved Seating Sales Are Now Open

12/8/2021 -
Do you like to sit in the same seat for every event? Are you afraid that someone might be sitting there if you don't show up early enough? If you answ
2022 Season Pass Now Available for Stocking Stuffe...

2022 Season Pass Now Available for Stocking Stuffe...

12/8/2021 -
2022 Season Pass ONLY $159.99 Stocking Stuffer - Hard To Buy Gift- Save Money With a fun and exciting 2022 racing season right around the corner, we h
Coos Bay Poised For Big 5th Season Under NASCAR Ba...

Coos Bay Poised For Big 5th Season Under NASCAR Ba...

4/7/2021 -
After an abbreviated season in 2020, Coos Bay Speedway returns for its 48th season of competition, and 5th with the NASCAR sanctioning body. A full sc

Event Profile

5/29/2021 at Coos Bay Speedway

5/29/2021 at Coos Bay Speedway

Beast Jett Car Burndown | Coos Bay, OR

America's Mattress Super Late Models

A Feature 1

20 laps | 00:05:20.884
12Dennis SouzaPescadero, CA74X
24Braden FugateBandon, OR88
36Brody MontgomeryBandon, OR3
43Richard WallaceGold Beach, OR7W
57Mike TaylorReedsport, OR22
65Wayne ButlerBandon, OR25
71Hannah RobisonMyrtle Point, OR23H

Heat 1

8 laps | 00:03:55.557
11Brody MontgomeryBandon, OR3
23Braden FugateBandon, OR88
32Richard WallaceGold Beach, OR7W
44Wayne ButlerBandon, OR25
56Dennis SouzaPescadero, CA74X
67Hannah RobisonMyrtle Point, OR23H
75Mike TaylorReedsport, OR22

Sportsman Late Models

A Feature 1

20 laps | 00:08:05.749
14Dillon Solum94
22Tahlan RogersAlbany, OR32
33Ryan EmryCorvallis, OR97
46Josh Kralicek98
55Dustin HitnerCoos Bay, OR99
61Brad DubisarCottage Grove, OR92
DNS-John CrabtreeGold Beach, OR8J

Heat 1

8 laps | 00:02:02.045
12Ryan EmryCorvallis, OR97
21Dustin HitnerCoos Bay, OR99
34Tahlan RogersAlbany, OR32
46Dillon Solum94
55Josh Kralicek98
63Brad DubisarCottage Grove, OR92

Street Stocks

A Feature 1

20 laps | 00:08:01.574
17Steve DubisarCoquille, OR10D
23Joey TardioCornelius, OR04
31Blake LehmanOregon, OR93
44Seth ChristianRoseburg, OR99
58Ken FoxNorth Bend, OR35
76James BakerNewberg, OR10
810Brad KarpellaCoos Bay, OR07D
95Terry KingWarren, OR13
1011Charlie WithersBandon, OR49
112Leroy RockwellFlorence, OR91
1212Rod LoweCornelius, OR02
1313Sam Talon84
DNS-Dan BriesacherFlorence, OR92

Heat 1

8 laps | 00:02:05.414
11Joey TardioCornelius, OR04
22Terry KingWarren, OR13
33Steve DubisarCoquille, OR10D
47Blake LehmanOregon, OR93
65Brad KarpellaCoos Bay, OR07D

Heat 2

8 laps | 00:04:00.688
13Seth ChristianRoseburg, OR99
21James BakerNewberg, OR10
36Leroy RockwellFlorence, OR91
45Ken FoxNorth Bend, OR35
57Dan BriesacherFlorence, OR92
62Charlie WithersBandon, OR49
74Rod LoweCornelius, OR02

Mini Outlaws

A Feature 1

20 laps | 00:00:00
13Jeff ThurmanCoquille, OR24R
24Mike BeaudoinPortland, OR57
31jordan beaudoinPortland, OR5
45Matthew EmryCorvallis, OR64
59Nicole EmryCorvallis, OR77
610Jamie DanielsCoos Bay, OR8
72Ken KeeferRoseburg, ORSIX
86Scott BeaudoinPortland, OR4
9 (DNF)8Seth ChristianRoseburg, OR0
10 (DNF)7Tristen DavisonCoos Bay, OR00

Heat 1

8 laps | 00:00:00
12Jeff ThurmanCoquille, OR24R
29Tristen DavisonCoos Bay, OR00
31Scott BeaudoinPortland, OR4
46Matthew EmryCorvallis, OR64
54Mike BeaudoinPortland, OR57
68Nicole EmryCorvallis, OR77
77Seth ChristianRoseburg, OR0
83jordan beaudoinPortland, OR5


A Feature 1

20 laps | 00:06:27.223
15Kris ParkerFlorence, OR96
213Kevin RockwellFlorence, OR80
316Isaac StereCottage Grove, OR32
49Austin BeaudoinPortland, OR41
511Bid VanLoonWinston, OR05
62Alexus BakerMyrtle Point, OR7LT
76Steven ParkerFlorence, OR07
812William Hitnerport orford, OR91
910Brittany ScottGold Beach, OR18
1015Jim Van LoonOregon, OR50
118Dan Beaudoin4
123Jett NelsonBoise, ID77
134Andrew HansenFerndale, CA3
14 (DNF)7Seth ChristianRoseburg, OR0
15 (DNF)1Lily MetzgusMyrtle Point, OR11
DNS-Jayden MillerWinston, OR38

Heat 1

8 laps | 00:02:41.836
12Dan Beaudoin4
24Kris ParkerFlorence, OR96
31Jett NelsonBoise, ID77
43Alexus BakerMyrtle Point, OR7LT
55Bid VanLoonWinston, OR05
66William Hitnerport orford, OR91
77Jim Van LoonOregon, OR50

Heat 2

8 laps | 00:02:50.770
17Seth ChristianRoseburg, OR0
25Steven ParkerFlorence, OR07
32Austin BeaudoinPortland, OR41
43Brittany ScottGold Beach, OR18
56Andrew HansenFerndale, CA3
64Kevin RockwellFlorence, OR80

JR Stingers

A Feature 1

15 laps | 00:00:00
15Griff SmithBandon, OR10G
24Alex ButlerBandon, OR7
38Cameron MetzgusCoos Bay, OR12
42DJ NelsonCoosbay, OR26
53Tallon DubisarCoquille, OR14
66Eli LuckmanCoosbay, OR76
79Heather BurtonCoos Bay, ORH66
81Tanner dubisarCoquille, OR12D
97Tucker dubisarCoquille, OR13
1010Hailee TiltonNorthbend, OR11
1115Shawn HillCoosbay, ORS15
1211riley rockwellFlorence, OR97
1314Max HagaCoquille, OR64ZT
1412William SheavaPleasant Hill, OR10
1513Haileigh CrosierRoseburg, OR38

Heat 1

8 laps | 00:00:00
11Griff SmithBandon, OR10G
22Eli LuckmanCoosbay, OR76
35DJ NelsonCoosbay, OR26
46Tucker dubisarCoquille, OR13
53Hailee TiltonNorthbend, OR11
67Shawn HillCoosbay, ORS15
74William SheavaPleasant Hill, OR10
88Max HagaCoquille, OR64ZT

Heat 2

8 laps | 00:00:00
11Alex ButlerBandon, OR7
26Tallon DubisarCoquille, OR14
33Tanner dubisarCoquille, OR12D
44Cameron MetzgusCoos Bay, OR12
57Heather BurtonCoos Bay, ORH66
62riley rockwellFlorence, OR97
75Haileigh CrosierRoseburg, OR38

Dwarf Cars Pro

A Feature 1: Pending

25 laps | 00:00:00

No race information available.

B Feature 1: Pending

12 laps | 00:00:00

No race information available.

C Feature 1: Lineup

10 laps | 00:00:00
1Crystal FlathTroutdale, OR17X
2Jason FikeShelton, WA333
3Philip RowlandVancouver, WA10O
4Rodney CookRainer, OR3R
5Dave BruneBoring, OR54O
6Ashleigh StrainEagle Point, OR32S
7Erin MorgansternRoseburg, OR98
8Jason RobustelliMedford, OR20S
9Danny AltomLebanon, OR5
10Jesse CookRainier, OR65J
11casery warrenYamhill, OR22
12Cody PetersEagle Point, OR30S
13Jim RitchieCoos Bay, OR22S

Heat 1: Lineup

8 laps | 00:00:00
1Steve WalkerCentral Point, OR13S
2casery warrenYamhill, OR22
3Danny AltomLebanon, OR5
4Crystal FlathTroutdale, OR17X
5Dave BruneBoring, OR54O
6Adam ChaffeeNewberg, OR3O
7Mike ShoenHillsboro, OR96
8Justin DeMarsSandy, OR24K

Heat 2: Lineup

8 laps | 00:00:00
1Tanner CurrAlbany, OR43
2Ashleigh StrainEagle Point, OR32S
3Jesse CookRainier, OR65J
4Anthony PopeRoseburg, OR88
5Tylor HowardKent, WA23
6Shane YoungrenTigard, OR56
7Ryan SmithMedford, OR526S
8Jason FikeShelton, WA333
9Jim RitchieCoos Bay, OR22S

Heat 3: Lineup

8 laps | 00:00:00
1Cody PetersEagle Point, OR30S
2Erin MorgansternRoseburg, OR98
3Philip RowlandVancouver, WA10O
4Josh RodgersSaint Hellens, OR8O
5John ChrismanAlbany, OR88S
6Corey EstebanGaston, OR36
7Brock PetersEagle Point, OR2S
8Devin LahorgueGrants Pass, OR51S

Heat 4: Lineup

8 laps | 00:00:00
1Jason RobustelliMedford, OR20S
2Trevor DavisCentral Point, OR8S
3Guy WilliamsBend, OR23O
4Chad CardozaMedford, OR71S
5Mikey BurnhamLebanon, OR2O
6Josh KingMedford, OR09S
7Rodney CookRainer, OR3R

PMSA 600cc Winged Micros

A Feature 1: Lineup

1Axel OudmanStanwood, WA70
2Paul CengicCarson, WA27C
3Levi KuntzCarnation, WA29
4Doug McVaeScappoose, OR72
5Jojo Batalgia39
6Ryan BrightDuvall, WA54
7Barry LempartMollalla, OR33L
8William WolfePortland, OR8
9Kaylee BatalgiaForest Grove, OR53K
10Trevor BrennerForest Grove, OR86K
11Doug PirtleCorbett, OR00X

Heat 1: Lineup

1Jojo Batalgia39
2Axel OudmanStanwood, WA70
3Kaylee BatalgiaForest Grove, OR53K
4Barry LempartMollalla, OR33L
5Levi KuntzCarnation, WA29
6Trevor BrennerForest Grove, OR86K

Heat 2: Lineup

1Paul CengicCarson, WA27C
2Crystal FlathTroutdale, OR2X
3Doug PirtleCorbett, OR00X
4Doug McVaeScappoose, OR72
5William WolfePortland, OR8
6Ryan BrightDuvall, WA54
7Ryan WolfePortland, OR00

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