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Coos Bay Poised For Big 5th Season Under NASCAR Ba...
2021 Tentative Schedule Released
Earn Money For Your Group Here At The Speedway
Coos Bay Poised For Big 5th Season Under NASCAR Ba...

Coos Bay Poised For Big 5th Season Under NASCAR Ba...

4/7/2021 -
After an abbreviated season in 2020, Coos Bay Speedway returns for its 48th season of competition, and 5th with the NASCAR sanctioning body. A full sc
2021 Tentative Schedule Released

2021 Tentative Schedule Released

2/5/2021 -
We are excited to announce our 2021 Coos Bay Speedway racing schedule, with this please know that this is very tentative dates and divisions may chang
Earn Money For Your Group Here At The Speedway

Earn Money For Your Group Here At The Speedway

2/6/2020 -
The speedway is currently looking for different community civic groups to volunteer in our concession stands in return for donations made to your orga

Event Profile

6/26/2021 at Coos Bay Speedway

6/26/2021 at Coos Bay Speedway

105.9 The Legend Night Coos Bay / Malicious Monster Trucks Douglas County Fairgrounds | Coos Bay, OR

America's Mattress Super Late Models

A Feature 1

20 laps | 00:08:21.241
11Braden FugateBandon, OR88
26Preston LuckmanCoos Bay, OR77
34Brody MontgomeryBandon, OR3
45Wayne ButlerBandon, OR25
52Richard WallaceGold Beach, OR7W
67Jason JohnsonGresham, OR76
73Mike TaylorReedsport, OR22
89Garret SmithSpringfield, OR8
98Kyle AdamsDexter, OR2L

Heat 1

8 laps | 00:04:40.957
12Preston LuckmanCoos Bay, OR77
21Wayne ButlerBandon, OR25
33Garret SmithSpringfield, OR8
44Mike TaylorReedsport, OR22
55Kyle AdamsDexter, OR2L

Heat 2

8 laps | 00:02:22.889
11Braden FugateBandon, OR88
24Brody MontgomeryBandon, OR3
33Richard WallaceGold Beach, OR7W
42Jason JohnsonGresham, OR76

Sportsman Late Models

A Feature 1

20 laps | 00:08:53.079
12Daniel RaySpringfield, OR01
23Tahlan RogersAlbany, OR32
37Ryan EmryCorvallis, OR97
41Mike LaveryWaldport, OR67
54Roger BellMarcola, OR79K
66Josh Kralicek98
75Mike DesilvaSpringfield, OR17
DNS-Jacob EmeryCorvallis, OR97J
DNS-Dustin HitnerCoos Bay, OR99

Heat 1

8 laps | 00:04:26.746
14Mike DesilvaSpringfield, OR17
22Tahlan RogersAlbany, OR32
31Josh Kralicek98
43Dustin HitnerCoos Bay, OR99

Heat 2

8 laps | 00:02:35.658
11Daniel RaySpringfield, OR01
22Ryan EmryCorvallis, OR97
33Roger BellMarcola, OR79K
44Mike LaveryWaldport, OR67
5 (DNF)5Jacob EmeryCorvallis, OR97J

Street Stocks

A Feature 1

20 laps | 00:07:29.272
12Seth ChristianRoseburg, OR99
26Ken FoxNorth Bend, OR35
33Loren McIntyreCoos Bay, OR02
44Leroy RockwellFlorence, OR91
51Joseph WilsonCoquille, OR17
DNS-Steve DubisarCoquille, OR10

Heat 1

8 laps | 00:05:58.476
14Seth ChristianRoseburg, OR99
22Leroy RockwellFlorence, OR91
35Braden FugateBandon, OR88
46Loren McIntyreCoos Bay, OR02
51Joseph WilsonCoquille, OR17
63Steve DubisarCoquille, OR10

Mini Outlaws

A Feature 1

20 laps | 00:06:24.260
11Scott BeaudoinPortland, OR98
23Seth ChristianRoseburg, OR0
34Matthew EmryCorvallis, OR48
46Jamie DanielsCoos Bay, OR08
55Nicole EmryCorvallis, OR8
DNS-Jeff ThurmanCoquille, OR24R

Heat 1

8 laps | 00:02:28.880
14Jeff ThurmanCoquille, OR24R
22Scott BeaudoinPortland, OR98
35Matthew EmryCorvallis, OR48
43Jamie DanielsCoos Bay, OR08


A Feature 1

20 laps | 00:15:48.028
16Seth ChristianRoseburg, OR0
215Kevin HilgendorfCottage Grove, OR62
31Kevin RockwellFlorence, OR80
42Dylan BoyerCoos Bay, OR6H
514Brittany ScottGold Beach, OR18
67Alexus BakerMyrtle Point, OR7LT
79Lily MetzgusMyrtle Point, OR11
816Jim Van LoonOregon, OR50
917Lori FullerMedford, OR91K
1011Jayden MillerWinston, OR05
115Dan Beaudoin4
128Dan BriesacherFlorence, OR92
134Kris ParkerFlorence, OR96
1410Mike ReynoldsCottage Grove, OR63
1513Isaac StereCottage Grove, OR32
DNS-pam beaudoinPortland, OR69
DNS-Steven ParkerFlorence, OR07

Heat 1

8 laps | 00:02:28.983
11Seth ChristianRoseburg, OR0
22Dylan BoyerCoos Bay, OR6H
33Dan BriesacherFlorence, OR92
46Jim Van LoonOregon, OR50
54pam beaudoinPortland, OR69
65Brittany ScottGold Beach, OR18

Heat 2

8 laps | 00:04:27.425
12Kevin RockwellFlorence, OR80
23Steven ParkerFlorence, OR07
31Lily MetzgusMyrtle Point, OR11
45Lori FullerMedford, OR91K
54Isaac StereCottage Grove, OR32

Heat 3

8 laps | 00:03:43.395
13Kris ParkerFlorence, OR96
21Dan Beaudoin4
34Alexus BakerMyrtle Point, OR7LT
45Mike ReynoldsCottage Grove, OR63
56Jayden MillerWinston, OR05
62Kevin HilgendorfCottage Grove, OR62

JR Stingers

A Feature 1

15 laps | 00:08:41.811
14Griff SmithBandon, OR10
21Cameron MetzgusCoos Bay, OR12CC
35Alex ButlerBandon, OR7
43Drake VincentMyrtle Point, OR66
58Heather BurtonCoos Bay, ORH66
62Tallon DubisarCoquille, OR14
77Jordan WheelerFlorence, OR98J
86Tanner dubisarCoquille, OR12
99Eli LuckmanCoosbay, OR76
1014Taylor FullerMedford, OR3
1112Haileigh CrosierRoseburg, OR05
1210Tucker dubisarCoquille, OR13
DNS-Max HagaCoquille, OR64ZT
DNS-Hailee TiltonNorthbend, OR11

Heat 1

8 laps | 00:06:43.186
11Griff SmithBandon, OR10
26Tallon DubisarCoquille, OR14
32Jordan WheelerFlorence, OR98J
47Drake VincentMyrtle Point, OR66
54Taylor FullerMedford, OR3
63Tucker dubisarCoquille, OR13
75Haileigh CrosierRoseburg, OR05

Heat 2

8 laps | 00:02:29.492
11Alex ButlerBandon, OR7
23Cameron MetzgusCoos Bay, OR12CC
32Heather BurtonCoos Bay, ORH66
47Tanner dubisarCoquille, OR12
56Eli LuckmanCoosbay, OR76
64Max HagaCoquille, OR64ZT

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